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Coming Soon

Coming Soon – October week 1, 2012:

Sorry I’m late. I supposed to post this yesterday but I was sick… I a lot of figures in ths post had already been announced… OTL Mobaful Kyubey & Charlotte by MOVIC Okita Sawa by Phat! company Nymph by PLUM CharaGumin Nishizumi Miho by Volks Capsule Q Fraulein: Fate Zero by Kaiyodo Kisaragi Saya by …

Coming Soon

Coming Soon – May week 4, 2012:

I want the Madoka doll!!!! (OO. Color Collect ano natsu de matteru by MOVIC Uta no Prince-sama Serious Love 1000% 2 by MOVIC Ignis of the endless winter by Orchidseed Genba Sara by PLUM Moe Collect Plus Hanna-Justina Marseille by Volks M.O.E. Selvaria Bles White Swimsuit Ver. by Alter Kisaragi Saya by Art Spirits Alice …