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18+ Coming Soon

(18+) Coming Soon – July week 2, 2017

Wow! We have almost 200 images this week! I really want to get the Yamada Elf, Illya, Cocoa, and the Futaba Lily Ramesses. (@@. Monster Strike Strike Selection Vol. 1 – Marshal of France d’Artagnan by Eikoh Serval, Raccoon, Fennec fox, Silica by FuRyu SSS Takami Chika ~Daisuki Dattara Daijoubu!~ by FuRyu Super Sonico 31-years-old …

2017/05 release Completed figure

Valkyria Chronicles Dual – Selvaria Bles / Juliana Everhart -X’mas Party SET- 1/7 PVC figure set by Vertex

Vertex is going to release the Selvaria Bles / Juliana Everhart ( セルベリア・ブレス/ユリアナ・エーベルハルト ) -X’mas Party SET- 1/7 PVC figure set from the game/anime “Valkyria Chronicles Dual” ( 戦場のヴァルキュリ DUEL ). Will be released in May 2017. Selvaria Bles is around 150mm tall, Juliana Everhart is around 125mm tall, 29,800 yen. ****~~~Merry Christmas!!!~~~****

2013/07 release 2013/08 release 2013/09 release GK

Valkyria Chronicles 2 – Cosette Coalhearth Swimsuit Ver. 1/8 GK by Volks CharaGumin

Volks CharaGumin is going to release the Cosette Coalhearth ( コゼット・コールハース ) Swimsuit Ver. ( 水着ver. ) 1/8 colored resin cast GK from the Valkyria Chronicles game/anime series “Valkyria Chronicles 2” ( 戦場のヴァルキュリ 2). Will be released on July 20 to 21, 2013 at Hobby Heaven 2nd Anniversary “STEP”, July 28, 2013 at Wonder Festival …

Coming Soon

Coming Soon – June week 2, 2012:

This is the first Coming Soon in June! For some reasons we don’t really have many thing to see this week. Color Collect Blue Exorcist by MOVIC Shirakiin Ririchiyo limited edition by MOVIC Saigyouji Yuyuko by quesQ Kousaka Tamaki by Orchidseed Charagumin Edy Nelson by Volks Charagumin Juliana Everhart by Volks Charagumin Aries by Volks …