Kaitendoh is going to release the Super Sonico ( すーぱーそに子 ) π/Bikini Ver. ( パイスラ ビキニver.) 1/6 PVC figure from the mascot of Nitro+ event “Nitro Super Sonic” and the TV anime “SoniAni Super Sonico the Animation” ( そにアニ Super Sonico the Animation). Will be released in April 2015. Around 280mm tall, 12,000 yen.

  • You can order her here:

For those who don’t know what “π/” ( パイスラ ) is, I can tell you that it’s nothing to do with Math. π (Pi) sound just like “breast” (Oppai) in Japanese. So in Japan, π/ means put something (usually the strap of the handbag) between the breast. Sometimes it is written as O/O instead. XD

By the way, since Kaitendoh rated this Super Sonico “15+”, I believe her top can be cast-off!!