Kotobukiya is going to release the Valsione ( ヴァルシオーネ ) 1/144 plastic kit from the game series “Super Robot Wars Oriinal Generations” ( スーパーロボット大戦OG ). Will be released in Feburary 2009. Around 150mm tall, 5,040 yen. Some parts (face parts, cheek, heel parts, and each joint parts ) are painted.

I wasn’t going to post this kit at first since this isn’t really a figure. However, we don’t really have any figure news these days (that’s so rare! no figure release news in 2 days!), then why not just post it? =P I never buy nor see any plastic kit from Kotobukiya before so I really have no idea how their quality is. But since it’s Kotobukiya, it shouldn’t be so bad. As I mention above, this kit comes with some painted parts. Please don’t ask me what’s the different between “face parts” and “cheek part”. I just translate it from the Japanese description.

I’m not a fan for this kinda of mecha-girl. I think it’s so weird to have a cute girl face with a mecha body. But I don’t mind this kind of mecha-girl tho. =P

Oh btw, this kit come with the weapons “Hyper Beam Cannon” and “Divine Arm”. The “Divine Arm” comes with 3 stages.

**Comes with two faces**

Download original size pic here

Official Super Robot Wars Orignal Generations homepage

via Kotobukiya