Bandai is going to release the Super Modeling Soul ( 超造形魂 ) Street Fighter IV ( ストリートファイターIV ) trading figure from the popular fighting game series “Street Fighter”. Will be released in June 2009. 5,572 yen for 1 box 9 pieces. There are 8 kinds and 1 secret.

I have never been so excited about Bandai’s trading figure. These SF4 trading figures looks really really nice! They really looks like how they look in the game. It’s very impressive. I never see (or never care, lol) Super Modeling Soul trading figure in real live. But I alway see those those Dragon Ball ones on sale in HLJ/Hobby Search. That makes me wonder how good is their quality. =/

Maybe I should wait for this SF4 trading figure on sale? =P





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