AZONE is going to release the PureNeemo Character Series No.021 Sanya V.Litvyak ( サーニャ・V・リトヴャク ) 1/6 doll from the anime “Strike Witches” ( ストライクウィッチーズ ). Will be released in March 2010. Around 260mm tall (280mm tall with Striker Unit) 19,000 yen.

It’s Friday today so here comes the doll post!! This Sanya doll looks so cute! I like her face and the body proportion a lot. The PureNeemo body is great, good for those who like loli. =P

But I wonder how to put the Striker Unit on. Do you just insert her legs into the unit or you have to take the legs off?

The PureNeemo body

Ero video of Sanya