Kaiyodo is going to release the Revoltech SFO Ken ( ケン ) action figure (produced by GSC) from the online PC game “Street Fighter Online: Mouse Generation” ( ストリートファイターオンライン マウスジェネレーション ). Will be released on December15, 2008. Around 105mm tall, 1,680 yen.

Wow! Finally Ken is here! But something isn’t right here. No, I don’t mean there is something wrong with the figure. What I mean is the release date. How come Ken’s release date is overlapping with Zangief and Baichoufu? Aren’t he supported to be out in January 2009? But I’m gonna buy him and Ryu for sure. =D

You can per-order him here

——Description from GSC——

Behold the many magnificent techniques that the joints can recreate!

From SFO (Street Fighter Online) comes Ryu’s best friend and eternal rival, Ken.

Ken is well-known as the owner of many championship titles from various fighting tournaments. All the techniques that he mastered using his superior fighting sense can all be recreated using the Revoltech joints on this figure. He is wearing his red karate gi, with his blond hair flowing with his movements.

Collect the rest of the figures that are due to come out in this series, and you can keep your favorite characters both by your side and in the game!

Street Fighter Online trailer

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