ASCII Media Works (manufactured by Toy’s works) is going to release the Holo ( ホロ ) PVC figure from the anime/light novel “Spice and Wolf” ( 狼と香辛料 ). Will be released in August 2009, bundled with the Dengeki Bunko Magazine (電撃文庫MAGAZINE) Vol.9. Around 75mm tall, 720 yen. (tax in)

Another Dengeki magazine figure bundle. Here we have this lovely chibi Holo. This time dengeki bundle her with the Dengeki Bunko Magazine which the light novel “Spice and Wolf” serialized in. As you can tell by the name “Dengeki Bunko”, it is a monthly magazine of light novels which means it’s text only and no picture at all (there is a couple pic actually). It’s not the kind of magazine I’ll read so I’ll pass on this Holo even she is just 720 yen. =P

Spice and Wolf ED