Skytube (Alphamax) is going to release the Holo ( ホロ ) 1/7 prepainted & completed cold cast GK from the anime/light novel “Spice and Wolf” ( 狼と香辛料 ). Will be released in October 2009, 13,800 yen.

This Holo is so lovely! But I prefer the little devil one by Volks tho. Btw I’m a little bit disappointed by Alphamax this time. Since this is a cold cast GK, they should be able to make the tip of her hair, ears, and tail a lot sharper than this. Right now it looks like a normal PVC figure with rounded edges due to the reproduction stage. Other then that, I think she look great. And it would be lots better she is castoffable. Oh wait, she is naked already. XD

Spice and Wolf OP

Official Spice and Wolf homepage

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