Volks CharaGumin is going to release the Lina Inverse ( リナ=インバース ) Special Ver. ( すぺしゃる版 ) 1/6 colored resin GK from the anime “Slayers Special ” ( スレイヤーズすぺしゃる ). Will be released in first release at Hobby Round 7 on April 08, 2012. Around 220mm tall, 12,000 yen. 76 parts + decals in total. Kit is NOT prepainted nor completed.

Lina Inverse Special Ver. (left), Naga the White Serpent (right)

Here come more Volks CharaGumin GK news today! We have Lina Inverse Special Ver., Naga the White Serpent, and Canal Vorfeed. Unlike the Selvaria Bles GK from yesterday, all of them will be available later after Hobby Round 7. =D