FREEing is going to release the Sonicdiver Raijin ( 雷神 ) non-scale action figure from the anime “Sky Girls”, comings with Ichijo Eika ( 一条瑛花). Will be released in September 2008. Raijin around 330mm tall, Ichijo around 110mm tall. 8,800 yen.

If you read my two previous news post (here and here), you should know that I like Sky Girls a lot. Too bad all the Sky Girls figures in the market are really ugly.=(

This Sonicdiver from FREEing sux big time. It looks soooo plastic and very expensive. I don’t understand why all those Gundam figures looks so nice ( and cheap too) but this Sonicdiver looks so much like plastic toy for 10 yrs old kid. Even I like Sky Girls so much, I will not buy this for sure unless it’s on sale for 2,000 yen. =/

Let’s hope that some other companies will come up with something better and cheaper. I wish KONAMI will release the Sonicdiver for the MMS Sky Girls. =P

**Reiji and Fuuji sold separately**

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