WAVE is going to release the DreamTech Xecty 1/8 S.O.F.T. PVC figure form the game series “Shining Wind”. Will be released in the end of September 2008. Around 180mm tall, 6,825 yen. Three versions will be available.

You can order the normal version here

You can order the DX version here

“Shining Wind” is an RPG game published by Sega, it’s the 18th game in the “Shining” series. this Xecty looks really nice, and seems like she is castoffable too! She is made with S.O.F.T. PVC material. Three versions (normal version, DX version with phone card, and limited (500) pink version) will be availalbe. Comes with 2 heads, one with open eyes and the other with close eyes.

What is S.O.F.T.? Just look at the pic below and you will understand. XD

Oh! Feel So Good!! LOL. I have a WAVE figure is made of S.O.F.T. too, it really feel so good. =P

Normal version

DX version (normal version + phone card)

Limited version

PS2 Shining Wind OP

Official Shining Wind homepage