Not really much a update. Nothing really changed since last month. This is more like a report than a news update this time.

  • As of the moment I’m writting this, is ranked 235,111 in the world!!!! Thank you for the support guys!!!! But I don’t know 253,111 is good or not tho.
  • We have 500 registered user now!!! But I believe 90% of them are just want the password for the download section. XD
  • As of today, we have 99 feed readers, and 29 email subscribers. Not bad for the email subsribe since we only started it around 3 weeks ago.

Ok, that’s all for today’s news update. Let’s see what I get from last month. =]

Here are the figures that I bought last month. Didn’t buy much since I spend most of my $$$ to fix my car.

The “Aim for the Top 2!” Nono was so cheap. She was on sale, only like US$13.

And I supposed to wait for my sis to bought the Konata figma from HK for me (she’s coming to Van this month). But I couldn’t wait and bought her myself. I like Konata so much XD

his Mai-Otome set was delayed for almost half a year.And when I got it, it was damaged in shipping. (T T.

POP Alice in the Wonderland. I said it many times and I’ll say it again. You have to pre-order the figures that you want. This set were sold out everywhere within 1 week.

Now Taro has a new friend! XD

I like Konata so much, she so moe!! XD

Poor Taro

ららら コッペパン♪

“Why me…?” Taro