Volks CharaGumin is going to release the Erica Fontaine ( エリカ・フォンティーヌ ) 1/8 colored resin cast GK from the game series “Sakura War” ( サクラ大戦 ) developed by SEGA. Limited reservation at Volks All That’s Hobby 20 event on September 28-29, 2013, Volks Showrooms, and Volks Website Store. Advance release at STEP Post-night Festival on October 27, 2013, will be released on November 02, 2013. Around 310mm tall, decals included, 25,000 yen. Kit is NOT pre-painted nor completed. Volks exclusive.

For those of you who want to order this Erica Fontaine GK, you can pre-order here at Volks Website Store HERE. The Volks Website Store is available for overseas so you don’t need to use any proxy service. =D