Revoltech Expo 2009 ( リボルテックエキスポ’09 ) will be held in Akihabara UDX 4F Anime Center ( 秋葉原UDX4Fアニメセンター ) on October 31, 2009. It is an annual event for Kaiyodo to exhibit their up coming products in the coming year. Thanks for HobbyStock, one of the official Revoltech distributor, we can have a peek on some of the products that we will see in Revotlech Expo 2009.

Revoltech Queen’s Blade

No.002-EX Airi 2P color (Release date: Dec 1, 2009)

No.003-EX Echidna 2P color (Release date: Dec 1, 2009)

No.004-EX Nanael 2P color (Release date: Dec 1, 2009)

No.007 Allean (Release date: Jan 1, 2010)

No.008 Erina (Release date: Feb 1, 2010)

Cattleya (Release date: Unkown)

Fist of the North Star Revoltech

No.017 Kenjiro (Release date: Dec 1, 2009)

No. 018 No name Shura (Release date: Jan 1, 2010)

No.019 Kaioh (Release date: Feb 1, 2010)

Official Revoltech Expo 2009 homepage

via HobbyStock