Reviewed by Ashlotte

Greetings boys and girls and welcome to my first review here for NekoMagic!


Ah seeing as GGT is too lazy doesn’t much like doing reviews I figured I’d pitch in and contribute to a comrade whose not only a fellow flat chest lover, but provides us all with so much good information!

So seeing as GGT likes Miku I figured there’d be no better figure to kick this off with then Max Factory’s recent rendition of her.

This little lovely was released back in December although I haven’t seen too terribly many people talk about her so we shall seek to correct this problem!

Miku herself comes in a rather standard box. Nothing spectacular really as far as boxes go what with it having some product shots and a somewhat eye catching bit of silver backing shoved into it.

Our girl herself however is far from anything standard! As many of you are fairly aware Max Factory has made some stunning pieces of art in their time and Miku easily fits into the higher echelons of their work easily.

“Miku sure knows how to strike a pose!”

First thing you’ll immediately notice is the semi-translucent hair. Not only is it enormous, but the combination of the material used in it and the top notch glossy paint job makes her an eye catcher from across the room!

Once you can pry your eyes off her gorgeous hair you’ll see the rest of her is just as incredibly well crafted in both paint and sculpt equally. The outfit for one just wows you with every bit of it. Not only is ever little crease and fold captured, but you can even feel the slight movement captured here as she gently twists her body!

“The effect they did with her hair is just fantastic!”

The little transparent readouts on either sleeve are a standout as well. While alot of other figures of her just simply print these right on to her sleeve here they went that extra mile and really made them feel like a computer display integrated into her outfit.

Her face and body sculpt are both delicious eye candy in their own right. Miku has always been a slender girl and they captured this perfectly here in both the places you can see her bare skin like her shoulders to the parts of her tightly wrapped up in her outfit. For my money she’s way more tantalizing to look at then any half naked figure I own honestly.

“Beautiful detailing all over her!”

Lastly her base is a plain affair with just some writing on it, but when you have a figure that radiates excellence like this I’d say its fine to have a nice subdued base under her personally.

So as you can see GGT’s original enthusiasm over this figure when it was first announced was not misplaced in the slightest!

“Mmm clothing wrinkles…”


  • Phenomenal paint job on the entire figure
  • Translucent hair gives that slight otherworldly look to her
  • Classic Miku outfit sculpted down to the very last detail
  • Cute face and what little bare flesh we get is tantalizingly well done.


  • Boring Box
  • Boring Base


  • None really and I rarely say that.

“Backside is just as detailed as the front.”

Honestly theirs very little here to complain about, so if your looking for a Miku figure to get I’d heartily recommend this one 100%

So there ya go folks! Hope you enjoyed the review and if GGT wants me to keep on going I guess you’ll be seeing more from me in the future!

I generally share similar tastes with him so it I’ll probably be lots of loli mixed in with who knows what.

“Hope you enjoyed the shots I know I tend to take them alittle bright sorry about that I generally prefer a more surreal look so they come out like this…”

  • Thank you Ashlotte for this great review! I’m so looking forward to his next review. There were too many figures released in December last year so I had to give up this lovely Miku. Now I really want to get this Miku after I read this review. (@@.
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