Reviewed by Panther

This month, for the first time in the Figure of the Month series, a figure’s photos were taken outdoors instead of an internal photoshoot, lending yet more novelty and beauty to the figure, Kuonji Shinra from Good Smile Company, itself. Unfortunately, due to safety concerns and being too preoccupied with getting good shots, I did not take any of her left or behind views. Thus, you must make do with what I have.

All in all there were 45 usable final shots of Shinra, but not all will be used here. For the full album, and a link to the TPY Garden photoshoot, see the links here. Night shots were taken thanks to Wcloudxkumo.

All pictures are presented as they were taken, no further editing was done except for cropping for a few images.

General Information

Name: Kuonji Shinra
Series: Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Oure de
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Scale: 1/8
Category: Anime
Release Date: April 2008
Approximate Height: 22 cm / 8.7″
Overall Personal Rating (10): 8
Estimated Cost: USD 55-60
Availability: Below average


The mistress of the Kuonji household in the anime series originally adapted from the eroge series, Shinra-sama certainly exudes a charm unlike any other female. Her overwhelming sense of importance, yet coupled with a contradicting cute and loving personality at times, is wonderfully blended in this figure by Good Smile Company showing her in a pose that was never seen in the anime. Some profile shots of her below, including a yoko-pai that serves as a shot of her from the right.

Her mantle can be cast off, and in my opinion she looks better without it. Then again during the photoshoot I accidentally scratched it twice no less, and almost dropped it into the pond. Once she is out of the box for good, for display purposes, I will be removing her cloak and leaving it within the box, displaying her without it. Some pictures of her without her cloak below. Most of my pictures of Shinra-sama are also without her cloak anyway.

Some close-up shots of Shinra-sama below, along with one of her face thanks to Squee.

Shinra is a simplistic figure to maintain, as there are no really movable or removable parts other than the cloak, making things simple when it comes to cleaning or display. She also exudes a kind of charm in her pose not usually found in figures. Some pictures of her yoko-pai below, along with a few other good shots that were taken.

Quite unlike her usual strict and rigid composure during her conducting performances, this pose does have a very nice feel to it. It gives Shinra-sama a very humane and warm feeling, reflected in the shots below.

Shinra-sama fits best on a slightly higher vantage point due to her slightly downward look, and can be displayed alongside most other figures. Her base is not too big, but her cloak may be a problem with space when she is put on display, as it takes up quite a bit of space. Her dark appearance means she stands out best against a fairer background.

Shinra-sama is a good figure to have from Good Smile, for they have done a really good job this time round in both her pose and finishing. Her sculpture may not be top-notch, but it is at least way up there. She should still be easily available in stores and online stores. Even if you only played the eroge or watched just the anime, Shinra-sama is a must-have if you liked either.

Kuonji Shinra

Camera: Olympus Stylus 760; Nikon D40 (Wcloudxkumo’s & Squee’s, night shots and face close-up)

Location: Toa Payoh Garden