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With the large volume of recent rain, I thought I might even have to delay the Figure of the Month to September. Thankfully, yesterday was a sunny day after some morning rain. Unfortunately Fariz had some class to attend that would end very late, so I went alone despite our arrangements. Damn, was the day hot. I also screwed myself partly thanks to the sun; it looked strong enough that I turned down my ambience lighting in my camera to minimum, resulting in shitty pictures for the most part. So some of these are really going to be fail, you have been warned beforehand.

 Review: Shining Wind Elwing la Sylphis 1/8 PVC figure by Kotobukiya

I also dropped her three times. Man. I have to get around to cleaning her, I left a mark on her base as well. I suck at taking care of figures, it seems. >_<

Anyway, here is the Figure of the Month, Auburn August’s Touka Kureha, as voted by you readers. But before that, I was talking to Hynavian in the morning, and I happened to mention I might be headed to Chinese Garden. She then mentioned a Hello Kitty event that she might attend this weekend. I should also have asked her where it was going to be held, because it turns out there was a reason she mentioned it.

Plan ruined. Bloody Hello Kitty maniacs lining up the freaking gateway to the Garden with freaking kitty heads and more, and I even took pictures of the nicely done place at the end of this gateway but I refused to upload it. Like, WTF. Obviously the front part of the garden was filled with Hello Kitty stuff, so I had to switch back to Japanese Garden for most of the shoot, combining pictures from both venues.

Now, trivial stuff aside, let us move on to the review. Full album, including shots of the garden which I will not show here, and more pictures of Kureha, available here.

General Information

Name: Touka Kureha
Series: Shining Wind
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Scale: 1/7
Category: Game
Release Date: October 2007
Approximate Height: 24 cm / 9.4″ (not including base)
Overall Personal Rating (10): 8.5
Estimated Cost: USD 70-150
Availability: Uncommon


Touka Kureha is one of the several students that happen to slip into the world of End Earth, and her outfit as shown in this figure is that of a priestess as given to her in End Earth. Native only to the Wind game (and the anime), she was also designed by Taka Tony.

True to Max Factory’s product quality, she is top-notch as a figure. Max Factory also selected a very nice pose, though not as moe as Kotobukiya’s later product, and certainly not as inviting as President Japan’s upcoming Kureha figure. Here are some pictures of her profile.

Her bow is surprisingly strong, not to mention long. The bow itself is the height of the figure, approximately, but it can at least be easily inserted into her hand, and of course, you can choose to display her without it as well. More pictures of her with the bow below.

Mmm…the legs are delicious in this one.

Like Elwing after her, Kureha comes with the same castoff option, that of just taking off her skirt. She is slightly easier to detach for the castoff than Elwing. I have to agree though, she looks better without the skirt than Elwing did without hers, possibly because more of her pantsu was visible.

Two obligatory pantsu pictures up next. Yes I know, sorry gals.

The first pictures I took of Kureha with her skirt off were near a bunch of tortoises. I first spotted them on a rockfar away, but when I went nearer two of them plopped into the water. The last one must be more experienced. It probably went “Lolwut?” in tortoise language, as evidenced by the picture below.


Kureha: “I don’t like it when a tortoise stares at my pantsu like that…”

“Please take me elsewhere already master…this tortoise is giving me the creeps.”

Here are the best pictures, taken at the end of the shoot, which I considered to be worthy pictures at last of a photoshoot. I spotted a rock that had brambles or whatever behind it directly, and it was in the sun. I could also take close-ups here, and the vegetation hid any sign of human civilization (not much to hide, thank the heavens). Here is her “In The Sun” series, as is befitting a supposed sun priestess. Not all pictures I took of this series are shown here, look at the album for more.

Here are some “close-ups”, not too well taken some of them, but they will have to do since I have a sucky camera.

Kureha fits somewhere where her size might not be a problem, and due to her slightly leftwards glance, is probably better as viewed by the person by placing her on the right side of any group of figures. Her slightly downwards look as well may mean a higher vantage point is advantageous for some. She usually fits in well with a darker background too, though this can be subjective.

Kureha shows why this version of her remains the hottest, and thus explaining her rarity, as Max Factory is not likely to reissue her. Certainly, the quality behind this figure is something that is beyond knowledge at times. As Danny mentioned, the acquirement of this figure made it easier for him to figure out which figure to grab in case of an earthquake.

Kureha is now so uncommon that you are going to have real trouble finding her even in Japan. So be prepared to fork out much monies if you want her, unless you are willing to go for a second-hand Kureha. Then again, you never know what the previous owner did to her.

And if you are a lover of Kureha, or the Wind series, then this figure is going to be a pain for you not to have.

Touka Kureha
Camera: Olympus Stylus 760
Location: Chinese/Japanese Garden

 Review: Shining Wind Elwing la Sylphis 1/8 PVC figure by Kotobukiya