Reviewed by Panther

A little late on this month’s Figure of the Month, but better late than never. Here is Elwing in her lovely swimsuit version from the game, Shining Tears. She came from the same wallpaper of the series as last month’s Figure of the Month, Blanc Neige (in her swimsuit as well), a wallpaper that was done by Taka Tony.

The wallpaper also featured two other girls from the Shining Tears game, Mao and Ryuna. Their swimsuit versions were also made into figures by Max Factory, but I did not obtain them since I was not interested in them.

Now for our favorite elf girl of the Shining series!

General Information

Name: Elwing
Version: Swimsuit
Game: Shining Tears
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Scale: 1/7
Category: Swimsuit/Mild Ecchi
Release Date: November 2006
Approximate Height: 25.5 cm / 10.1″ (excluding base)
Overall Personal Rating (10): 7.5
Estimated Cost: 40-50 USD
Availability: Common


Elwing is the elven ranger in Shining Tears. She also is very cute in her character and behavior, though she does display serious sides to her from time to time. As an elf, she is in her youth, of the order of elven age, which means she is 117 (at the time of the first game, Shining Wind saw her a year older).

In this figure of her though, she displays yet another, perhaps more mature side to her, in her bikini outlook. Her pose certainly is stunning in a way. Some close-ups.

The design of Elwing’s swimsuit is the same as the one she wore in the wallpaper, so nothing was changed. The face in fact looks better than in the anime.

A yoko-pai shot below (read this article by Danny Choo on the subject of yoko-pai). Slightly different from the original meaning but oh well. There might well be another yoko-pai shot in her album. Who knows?

You may be wondering why there are none of her in just her bikini, without the skirt. I did try to take it off, but I was very much afraid of the side snapping, as the left side of her skirt is held only by a small connection, and no, there are no hooks. If anyone can tell me how to safely take off her skirt without destroying it in the process, do inform me. I will then take further pictures of her, including a pantsu shot for those fetish fans, and upload them to my Photobucket.

Wallpaper material, deliberately took a side shot, taken from an idea by Raven. There are a few others, and I am also well aware a few of these pictures in her album could also be, once edited nicely, good wallpaper material.

You should have noticed a few photos of her with water on her. I am not taking her out to the beach, not just the weird stares that are throwing me off, but SG’s atmosphere is almost death for figures that are brought out into the open. I might do open air shoots later on for other figures, but currently, I am limited to my own room. For now, watered Elwing will have to do. Unfortunately I was rather unable to control where I could put the water. Amateurish, sorry. Thanks to Gordon for the idea.

Elwing fits almost everywhere like Blanc Neige, but her height may be a problem. It is best to put her in the background if you are placing her among a bunch of figures. Like Blanc Neige, she also has a small base, which helps a lot. Her radiance is also stunning, her fair outlook should contrast starkly with a dark background, or a light beach-type background.

Elwing is pretty common a figure, she can be found in a local store here or in online figure shops. Due to her being easily available, she is not so hard on the financial aspect, and is a figure worth getting if you are interested in either the game, the anime, the elves, or just a lovely swimsuit figure to add to your collection.

Elwing la Sylphis
Camera: Olympus Stylus 760
Location: Room (Indoors)

PS: This is the first Figure of the Month with so many photos uploaded. If you are interested in all the pictures of her that I deemed worthy enough to be used in an article, take a look at her album. I disliked the quality of some of these pictures, but oh well. Also, you will notice I never put my own copyright name or logo type thingie on these pictures. I should, probably, but I forgot. Next figure I will start doing that I guess, detexting is easy for most people nowadays.