Gift is going to release the Adelicia Lenn Mathers ( アディリシア・レン・メイザース ) 1/8 PVC figure from the light novel/manga/anime “Rental Magica” ( レンタルマギカ ). Will be released in December 2009. Around 200mm tall, 7,810 yen.

You can pre-order her here 

Believe it or not, my favrite girl in Rental Magica is Adelicia, not the shrine maiden(?) loli Katsuragi Mikan nor the red haired loli Lapis. Something just comes across my mind, since Adelicia is the descendant of King Soloman, doesn’t that make her a Jewish? But no matter how I look, She looks more like a western european more than a middle east person. =P

——Description from Manufacturer——

Her proud stance of commanding magical spirits

From the popular light novel series being sold though Sneaker Bunko Magaine, ‘Rental Magica’ comes this PVC figure of Adelicia Lenn Mathers, the hereditary leader of the Magician’s Society ‘Goetia’.

With her deep purple dress wavering in the air, she stands as a proud descendant of King Soloman, commanding the 72 magical spirits. Her characteristic curly blond hair twirls around her impressive stance, all carefully sculpted by the popular Hiroshi – creating a figure filled with delight.

Rental Magica anime OP

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