Myethos is going to release the RefleX FairyTale -Another- Snow White ( 白雪姫) 1/8 PVC figure from the origin RefleX FairyTale -Another- series by Myethos. Will be released in December 2014. Around 230mm tall, 8,800 yen.

  • You can order her here:

Just like everyone of us, we never heard about Myethos and we know knowing about. But guess what? I found the sculptor after a lot search! Well, technically I didn’t find the sculptor, I just found a post that was made by him in a Chinese forum.

According to the sculptor, this Snow White is an original character that is made by himself. There is no background story or whatnot. All he has is an illustration/draft. He had released her as GK before, but sadly the shipping company made a big mess and broke them during the delivery. That’s why he is making her as PVC figure this time.

He didn’t mention anything about the manufacturer but he is very confident that the quality is top-notch. He is even willing to accept exchange if you don’t like the quality (only in China I believe).

——Description from Manufacturer——

The first PVC scale figure from Myethos Co., Limited. Princess Snow White from the fairy tale, hope you enjoy the design!