Kaiyodo is going to the Revoltech Queen’s Blade 015 EX Queen’s Gate Alice ( アリス ) Boost Ver. ( ブースト版 ) Designer Color ( デザイナーズカラー ) action figure from the visual book/anime “Queen’s Gate”, a spin-off of “Queen’s Blade”. Will be released on May 01, 2012. Around 135mm tall, 2,762 yen. Castoffable.

You can order her here

Alice Boost Ver. Original Color (left), Alice Boost Ver. Designer’s Color (right)

I love the Gate Opener Alice but I don’t like her boost mode. Well you know as a loli lover you don’t want to see your loli grow up. XD But since I don’t have many figure pre-ordered in May, I per-ordered the Original Color just for the sake of it. =P

Oh by the way, the Original Color comes with 1 more panty then the Designer’s Color.


——Description from Manufacturer——

Size: 135mm Tall (appx. 1/12 Scale)
Articulation Points: 19
Revolver Joints: 18
(4mm x 6, 6mm x 9, 8mm x 3)

Set Contents

  • Main figure
  • M mode face part
  • S mode face part
  • Damage one-piece dress part
  • Whip x 3
  • Whip handle
  • Gun with dagger x 2
  • Optional pants part
  • Shield liquid
  • Optional hand part x 2
  • Display base