Skytube (Alphamax) is going to release the Thousand faces Assassin Melona ( 千変の刺客メローナ ) Omega Style ( オメガスタイル ) 1/5 cold cast GK from the visual book/anime “Queen’s Blade”. Will be released in July 2011. 12,400 yen. Around 200mm tall, 24,800 yen. Kit is prepainted and completed.

You can order her here

This Melona GK looks good! But she is little bit too skinny for my liking. I think Melona looks better if she is chubbier. Well, it’s good to see a skinny Melona once in a while. =]

I’m not sure if she is castoffable. The whole Melona is made of cold cast resin, no PVC or ABS in involved. So you wouldn’t be able to move those “hands” from her hair around like the other Melona figures. You might be able to take her lower clothes off tho.

——Description from Manufacturer——

From Queen’s Blade comes Protean Assassin Melona to Alphamax’s “Omega Style” coldcast figure line.

This figure has achieved gorgeous and sultry appearance using transparent skin material and translucent parts.

Her naughty but enchanting smile and glamorous protean body will carry you over to the delusional spiritual paradise.