Kaitendoh is going to release the Steel Princess Ymir ( 鋼鉄姫ユーミル ) Kaitendoh Attack 1/6 Candy resin GK from the anime/ visual book “Queen’s Blade”. Will be released on July 25, 2010 at Wonder Festival 2010 [Summer]. Around 220mm tall, 12,381 yen. Kit is prepainted and completed.

First Attack, Extra Attack, Critical Attack, Kaitendoh Attack (left to right)

The color scheme of this Ymir is so beautiful, and her faical expression is really cute! Too bad she is WF2010 [summer] exclusive tho. Oh well, even if she is just a normal release, I couldn’t afford her anyway. OTL

This Ymir Kaitendoh Attack is the 4th color version of this Ymir. It is cool to see Kaitendoh named her with different kind of “attack”. =D

Queen’s Blade Spiral Chaos – Dragonslayer Ymir