Q-six is going to release the Musha-Miko Tomoe ( 武者巫女トモエ ) Damage Ver. ( ダメージVer. ) 2P color Miyazawa Limited Edition ( 2Pカラー 宮沢流通限定版 ) 1/6 Polystone GK from the visual book/anime series “Queen’s Blade” ( クイーンズブレイド ). Will be released in November 2011. Around 170mm tall, 16,800 yen. Kit will be prepainted and completed.

Standard edition (left), 2P color Miyazawa Limited Edition (right)

Here comes twon Tomoe polystone GK from Q-six! Don’t ask me what’s wrong with her right eye in the standard edition. I really have no idea!!! Maybe the original illustration looks like that?

For those who care about cast-off, there is no word about it from Q-six. but since the whole figure is made of polystone, I don’t think she is castoffable. If she is castoffable, her clothes would be made of PVC.

——Description from Manufacturer——

The regular edition comes in damaged hurt expression faced but in this 2P color version, she comes in calm expression showing her beauty and strength.