R-line Griffon Enterprises is going to the Lightning General Claudette ( 雷雲の将 クローデット ) 2P color ( 2Pカラー ) 1/7 PVC figure from the visual book/anime “Queen’s Blade”. Will be released in July 2010. Around 225mm tall, 7,600 yen. Castoffable.

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It seems that the market team of Griffon is kinda stubborn. But are they smart? Yes, sure they are. They always announce the alternative color version AFTER the original color version has been released. They do this so that we can’t change our mind once we bought the original color version but want the alternative color version instead. It is a really smart way to rob our money. They planned the announcment date of the alternative color version right away once they decide the release date for the original color. But they’re also really stubborn. Why? Because even the original color version has been delayed for a month, they still announce the alternative color as scheduled. It happened many times already. =/

This is the 2P color of Claudette, and the original 1P color was scheduled to be released this month, but they delayed her to the next month.

——Description from Manufacturer——

character created by Hirokazu Hisayuki
Sculpted by Ryoichi Ikeda

Reina and Elina’s big sister, the Lightning General Claudette, is back for another round in her 2P colors! Wielding her magic sword Thunderclap and posed confidantly this is a great addition to a Queen’s Blade collection! Her armor is also cast-off enabled, so you can choose just how you would like to display her!

Queen’s Blade 4koma Vol.4