Megahouse is going to release the Excellent Model Core Steel Staff Ymir ( 鋼鉄参謀 ユーミル ) 1/8PVC figure from “Queen’s Blade Rebellion” ( クイーンズブレイドリベリオン ), a spin off of Queen’s Blade. Will be released in March 2010. Around 180mm tall, 6,800 yen.

You can order her here

Yeah!! the Queen’s Blade Rebellion Ymir is finally announced! And yes Kimichi, I’m getting this Ymir for sure! But I think her head is little bit too small. Other then that she looks prefect to me. And since it’s QB by Megahouse, I’m 100% she is castoffable. =D Btw, in QBR, Ymir is the staff of the Queen’s army and she is in charge of the “Strongest Project” – Ultra Vibration Valkyrie. As you can see the images below, she is testing the “Ultra Vibration Armor” on Elina and Mirim. XD

For those who don’t know anything about QB beside the anime, QBR is a spin off of QB and it is currently (kind of) serialized on Hobby Japan Channel as web novel. The Part 1of the story (ch.1-10) was started on ended on Nov 05, 2008 and ended on Mar 18, 2009. There is no news for the Part 2 yet. But the new characters Shigy, Ta Nyan, and Sai Nyan were announced not long ago, I believe the Part 2 will start pretty soon.

ShigyTa Nyan & Sai Nyan

For those who are interested in the story of QB Rebellion, you can read the official web novel here in But it’s in Japanese tho.