MegaHouse is going to release the Excellent Model CORE Queen’s Blade Rebellion the “Rebellion Knight Princess” Annelotte( 叛乱の騎士姫 アンネロッテ ) 1/8 PVC figure from “Queen’s Blade”, a visual book for duel. Will be released by the end of February 2008. Around 200mm tall, 6,300 yen. Castoffable.

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Feb 25, 2009: Updated with cast-off pic

You can per-order her here

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The book of Annelotte will be on sale on Novermber 11, 2009. I don’t see any store that I used to visit taking per-order yet. So keep your eyes on your fav store if you want to order this book. =]

Oh, and this is a new series for Queen’s Blade! It’s Queen’s Blade Rebellion!!! It will be serialized in Hobby-Channel. There are four new characters, “Rebellion Knight Princess” Annelotte( 叛乱の騎士姫 アンネロッテ ), “Alchemist Military Adviser” Huit ( 錬金軍師 ユイット ), “Miracle of Alchemist” Vant ( 錬金の奇跡 ヴァンテ ), and “Secret Valkyrie” ( 謎の戦乙女 ). Btw, the official English names for them are not out yet, so I translated them by myself. There is a big chance that the official names are totally different from what I translated. =P

It’s not the first Queen’s Blade figure by Megahouse, you guys should really familiar of it already, so I’ll not talk about it anymore. Oh, btw, I was searching for the P1 color of Ymir for a looooooooong time but she was sold out everywhere. And you know what? I found it 2 days ago in Play-Asia!! And of course I ordered her right away. I think they still have some in stock. If you want to get one too, order her now!!! =D

“Rebellion Knight Princess” Annelotte
( 叛乱の騎士姫 アンネロッテ )

“Alchemist Military Adviser” Huit
( 錬金軍師 ユイット )

“Miracle of Alchemist” Vant
( 錬金の奇跡 ヴァンテ )

“Secret Valkyrie”
( 謎の戦乙女 )

Download the uncensored pic here

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