APLUS is going to release the Cattleya ( カトレア ) Swimsuit Ver. ( 水着ver. ) 1/4.5 PU+PVC figure from the visual book/anime “Queen’s Blade” ( クイーンズブレイド ). Will be released in August 2013. Around 330mm x300mm x 130mm, 16,500 yen. Castoffable.

  • You can order her here:

APLUS always try different materials to make figures. The body of this Cattleya is made of PU (Polyurethane) instead of PVC (her head and amrs are still made of PVC, and the swimsuit is made of silicone rubber). PU is so much stronger but more expensive than PVC. It is a good move for APLUS to use PU because this Cattleya is big so using PVC alone she will lean in no time. APLUS could use polystone tho. Polystone is hard and will never lean. However, it is very fragile so not many people like it.

As far as I know, we only have a handful of figures in the market (in Japan, not sure about US) are using PU. If APLUS can proof PU is a good material for large scale figure. I think we will see more and more PU figures in the future. =D