Here is a apology from the best FIGURE AWARDS ( for their April Fools joke by mocking BeFA. There is a public apology posted in their website.

Sorry for those who were being offend. As one of their sponsors, I’m sorry for what had happened. Thank you for those who sent me messages and emails me about the April Fools mocking jokes. I know you guys love Nekomagic, and I love you guys too! You’re very welcome to send me any message and email about your concern. Let’s make Nekomagic a better place for us! =]

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Some people think I’m part of the best FIGURE AWARDS (I’ll call it bFA in short). No, I’m not. I’m just one of their sponsors helping them to promote their website. bFA is a new born website so they really need your help to make it better. Feel free to contact them if you want to tell them what you think =D