Turn A-brand Volks is going to release the Charlotte=Hazellink ( シャルロット=ヘイゼルリンク ) 1/6 GK from the eroge “Princess Lover!” ( プリンセスラバー! ) published by Ricotta. Will be released on April 13, 2009. Around 220mm tall, 12,000 yen. Will only be available at Volks Web Site Store. Kit is not painted nor assembled. Castoffable.

Here is the eroge which has the fake Saber! Well, this was my first impression when I saw this eroge when it was released last year. I don’t know much about this game nor the publisher “Ricotta”. All I know is Ricotta is a fair new company (founded in 2007?) and this Princess Lover! is their first game. And they’re going to release their second game “Walkure Romanze” in Winter this year. FYI Princess Lover! is having the TV anime treatment this Summer! It’s really impressive for a new game company to have their game being made into anime for such a short time. Maybe Ricotta has some really strong background? =]

As for the GK, just like the usual Volks quality, Charlotte looks really nice. But her eyes looks a bit small tho. Too bad she is GK and only be available at Volks Web Site Store.

Princess Lover! trailer

Official Princess Lover! game homepage (18+)

Official Princess Lover! anime homepage

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