Kotobukiya is going to release the RAcaseal Shino ( レイキャシール エルシノ ) Ver. APSY ( Ver.APSY ) 1/12 plastic model kit from the online game series “PHANTASY STAR ONLINE Blue Burst” published by SEGA. Will be released in October 2011. Around 135mm tall, 3,800 yen.

This RAcaseal really has a lot of potential! This RAcaseal Shino looks so much different from the RAcaseal Elenor, but all they did is changing the color, the head, and a few details here and there!

She also comes with lots of new weapons. And the best part is you can change the direction of her eyes, just like those HoiHoi-san models! But too bad that she is coming out in the Dead October. Let’s hope that they will still have her in stock in late November to early December. (@@.

——Description from Manufacturer——

The molding color is black and the total atmosphere of this Shino is very grown up.

Enclosed weapons are “H&S25 justice” “Berill Nuckle” “Agito” and “Hand gun”. 2 types of leg parts are also enclosed and you can enjoy her in varieties.

Eye part is pre-painted and the direction of the eye can be changed by exchanging parts. “Varaha” is enclosed as well and weapon parts are also supported for Ernoir and can be enjoyed together!