Atelier-Sai is going to release the Petit Collect! Duel Maid ( ぷちコレ! デュエルメイド ) trading figure from Atelier-Sai’s action figure series “Duel Maid” ( デュエルメイド ). Will be released in April 2009. Around 60mm tall, 630 yen each.

I think the Duel Maid series is the production line of Atelier-Sai people like the most. People used to complain a lot about their figures since their quality isn’t so good. But when it comes to Duel Maid, people like them a lot. Especially the Duel Maid trading figure series. They’re around 130mm tall, fully poseable, and the main selling point is they’re only 945 yen each! I wanted to get a set of them when they released last year but they were all gone in my local stores. =(

Anyway, the name of the characters from the Duel Maid are based on the popular cars, Berlinetta, Carrera, Lutecia, Shelby, and Elise. And all of them have a “Shadow”. Yup, those yellow hair ones are their “Shadow”. But they doesn’t looks like a “Shadow” to me at all tho. =P

Berlinetta ( ベルリネッタ )

Carrera ( カレラ )

Lutecia ( ルーテシア )

Shelby ( シェルビー )

Elise ( エリーゼ )

via Atelier-Sai