WAVE is going to release the Alice ( アリス ) Maidora Hearts Ver. ( めいどらはーつVer. ) 1/10 prepainted Polystone figure from the manga/anime “Pandora Hearts” ( パンドラハーツ ). Will be released in August October 2010. Around 170mm tall, 10,000 yen + 600 yen shipping and handling. Be-J and Rakuten exclusive.

I don’t know what you think when you see this Alice figure, but here was my reaction when I saw her on WAVE homepage early today.

  1. This girl is cute, I want her even I don’t know who she is
  2. Oh, Be-J exclusive, that sux.
  3. (Clicked into the WAVE page) What? She is Alice from Pandora Hearts??? No way! Alice isn’t look like that!
  4. (Check out the Be-J page) Oh? based on the inner cover of Vol.2 manga?
  5. (Go look for the manga and take off the paper cover) Ooooh!!!!
  6. (Go back to the WAVE site) Ummm.. let’s see. What??? 1/10 for 10,000 yen? What were they thinking?
  7. Oh wait, maybe she is a GK. Oh, polystone, well, close enough.

Oh btw, I don’t know how to fully translate “めいどらはーつVer.” so I just simplified it to “Maid Ver.”. So here is Black Rabbit Alice form Pandora Hearts. As you see, I aren’t really happy about this figure, haha. Even this figure is based on the original illutstration, but Alice shouldn’t looks like that (well, at least for my impression)! A shy twin tails Alice in Maid outfit? No thanks. =(

Update: Thank you Shiina! Now I changed the “Maid Ver.” to “Maidora Hearts Ver.” (I think Maidora is better than Meidora for our English speaking ppl)

The inner cover of the manga Vol. 2

Pandora Hearts OP