Megahouse is going to release the STUFFED Collection Tony Tony Chopper ( トニートニー・チョッパー ) plush rom the long-running popular shonen manga/anime “One Piece” ( ワンピース ). Will be released in November 2010. Around 450mm tall, 6,000 yen.

Here is Tony Tony Chopper action… um… plush doll? XD And he is castoffable! You can take his jacket and the backpack off as you wish. Don’t think you can take his pants off tho. =P

I’m not sure how his joints are done. Maybe like those Gift plush, they put a wire frame inside his body?

——Description from Manufacturer——

The high-quality plush collection receiving attention from collectors the world over presents a new addition to the line – a large-size Chopper plush!

Feauring soft boa material for a great feel, you can remove his jacket or even put things in his doctor’s backpack! Chopper also features a number of joints allowing you to pose him however you like!

Tony Tony Chopper’s Debut