Bandai is going to release the Figuarts Zero Portgas D Ace ( ポートガス・D・エース ) non-scale PVC figure from the long-running popular shonen manga/anime “One Piece” ( ワンピース ). Will be released in August 2011. Around 160mm tall, 2,700 yen.

Portgas D Ace (left), Silvers Rayleigh (right)

Ace is really cool! I think he is one of the coolest guys in One Piece I don’t really care about Silvers Rayleigh tho, LOL. Actually I don’t really know who he is. One Piece figures are really amazing. They were just listed yesterday and they are sold out everywhere in less than 1 day. I guess it is really not easy to be a One Piece figure collector. (Oo.

It is Golden Week long holiday today until May 5 in Japan, so I don’t expect that we will have any figure news next week. But don’t worry, Treasure Festa is coming on May 5 and I bet we will have tons of GK news a few days before.