Megahouse is going to release the Exellent Model P.O.P ( Portrait.Of.Pirates ) NEO-DX Monky D Luffy ( モンキー・D・ルフィ ) non-scale PVC figure from the long-running popular shonen manga/anime “One Piece” ( ワンピース ). Will be released in December 2010. Around 170mm tall, 6,000 yen.

You can order him here

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More One Piece figures! Here are Luffy and his brother “Fire Fist” Ace! I aren’t following the One Piece manga really close. I only read up to the Vol.57 (the newest one is Vol.59) so far and it is really touching to see Luffy trying his best to try to save his brother Ace. (@@.

——Description from Manufacturer——

Sculpted by ATTM

The P.O.P NEO-DX series finally sees the main protagonist, Luffy, arrive as an amazing new DX figure!
All parts (head, hat, upper body, arms) can be switched out letting you display Luffy in any number of amazing patterns!

**Portgas D Ace sold separately**

**Portgas D Ace sold separately**

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