Kotobukiya is going to release the One Coin Grande Figure Collection Hetalia -Maru Kaite 2nd Lap- ( ヘタリア -まるかいて2周目- ) trading figure from the manga/anime “Hetalia: Axis Powers” ( ヘタリア Axis Powers ).. Will be released in November 2010. Around 45-60mm tall, 680 yen each ( 9 pieces in 1 box, 6,120 yen). 8 kinds + 1 secret in total.

Wow I didn’t know there is a girl in Hetalia: Axis Power!!! I thought all of the characters are guys! This trading figure set comes with 8 kinds and 1 secret. And in the 1 secret box there will be 2 characters, I wonder who they are. =]

Btw, please let me know if I mess up their names. I really have no idea who is who. X(

  • Sweden

  • Finland

  • Greece

  • Canada

  • Spain

  • Prussia

  • Hungary

  • Austria

Axis Powers Hetalia ED