Reply From… is going to release the Alice and Socrates ( アリスとソクラテス ) non-scale resin GK from the Sony Playstaion2 game “Odin Sphere” ( オーディンスフィア ) published by Altus. Will be released in Wonder Festival 2009 [summer] on July 26th, 2009. Around 90mm tall, 5,800 yen (WF special, tax in). WF2009[summer] exclusive. Kit is not painted nor assembled.

Since there was an accident of escalator jerking backward happened in the summer of 2008, WF took a break one time, and this summer, changing the place from Tokyo Big Sight to Makuhari Messe, WF2009[Summer] will be held on July 26th (Sunday). This time, the event uses the total of 7 halls (from the 2nd to the 8th halls) in Makuhari Messe.

Every time Wonder Festival will select some works form all the GK circles as their presentation/promotion items for the Wonder Showcase in summer and winter. Last time in WF2008[summer] they select 5 works (you can see them here), but this time they only selected 2. This Alice and Socrates by Fio from Reply From… is one of them. The other one is Chord Liner by Noa from clips.

Odin Sphere: Armageddon [True End] Ending the Saga

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