• As of this moment, is ranked 98,498 (was 89,022 in September 2010). We dropped back a little again. But as long as we’re still within 100,000, I’m happy about it.
  • Right now, we have 6,718 registered user (6,296 in September 2010). We have a lot more new member this month then I expect. =D
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  • Thank you for all the donators. I’ll put your donation into good use!
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  • Am I really lucky or what? Remember I got a defect Revoltech Alice (18+) last month? And now I have another defect figure this month, what the. =/
  • Working on a “facelift” project for some of the figures. I’ll show you guys some pic if it works. If not, then forget it. =P
  • I found my lot lost portable photo booth that I bought like 3 years ago!! Now I think my photos looks a lot better than before. =D

Anyway, here is my show off time again. There were the stuff that I got this month. Most of them are really cheap.

Fraulein Revoltech 017 Makinami Mari Illustrious. Got them for like 1,700 yen each or so.

figma Saber Alter and figma Nakano Azusa. Got for Saber for cheap, like 1,100 yen or so. And I got Azunyan for regular price. You can still get her at . Since the Yen is so high now, I found that it is cheap to order from Play-Asia sometime. =P

Cheapo Banpresto Cure Marine and Cure Blosom prize figure. You guys know I like Pretty Cure right? =P

Alter Amae Koromo. I got her at full price (6,800 yen) and got charged like US$18 at stupid customs. It sux big time. =/

You can still get her at

Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set Nendoroid Petit set. Their quality aren’t really good IMO. You can still order them at

Bandai S.H.Figuarts Cure Passion! Finally got all four Pretty Cure from Fresh Precure!

Cheapo Kawai Ameri by Orchidseed that I got on sale. But it sux big time that I got a defect. (You will see it below)

You can order still her here

  • Kawai Ameri by Orchidseed

You might be able to see it clearly, but there is a crack on her right cheek down from her right eye to her mouth and nose.

I e-mailed Orchidseed for this problem but they BS me and said that all the items were like this and they won’t be able to help me. What the heck. =/

For those who have this Ameri, can you send me the photo of her face so I can email it to Orchidseed to shut them up?

But with proper lighting, you don’t really see that crack. Ameri is really cute! She is my farovite girl in Tayutama. =D

Ameri is so sweet!!!! (@@.



WOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!! I hate her “tail”!!! \(><./

Nice eye!

I love Ameri!! =D

  • Alter Amae Koromo

“I’m Koromo, not Kodomo(kid)!!!”

Here come the flat chest loli Koromo from Saki, the anime that a bunch of yuri girls wear no panty and playing mahjong with supernatrual power! XD

Some disaster happened in Japan and Taiwan for this figure. See the chain here? It is made of iron. But due to the humidity and tempurture here, the chain rusted and made some mess on the paint of the clothes and her upper body. (><.

Aaaah, she is wearing panty!!! I’m so disappointed! =P

And you can’t see *anything from the top either. This figure sux for pervert, LOL. =P

  • figma Nagano Azusa

Nyan~~! Azunyan is MOE! =D

Her pissed face is great too. =D

The guitar is a bit big for this little girl IMO.

Since my photo booth is really small (40cm x 40cm x 40cm), it took me so much effort to put all of them inside.

Oops, not enough light on Azusa. =P

  • Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set Nendoroid Petit

Last but not least, here is the Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set Nendoroid Petit set! =D

The quality of this Petit aren’t so good in my opinion. The parts keep falling apart when I tried to pose them. And the stand is too short for Miyuki.

The stand is too short for Miyuki! So she has to stand in a weird angle. =/

The paint job isn’t really great here. See the unpainted area behind her ears?

Now here is our friend Toro!! He is fighting Konata and Kagami!!

Tsukasa 乱入!

Dragon Punch!

Ouch! Hey Konata, I think you shouldn’t kick him there. (@@.

See you guys next month!