Banpresto is still working on the No.1 Lottery Premium Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 ~Romantic Variation~. Some of the prize items of was displayed on Kotobukiya Radio Hall last week. They were the Prize B C.C. and Prize C Kozuki Kallen. Beside these Prize B and the Prize C, there is no word for the other prizes in the official No.1 Lottery website yet. Bbut we did see the other items in the promo poster somehow.


How’s your new year everyone? I had party until really late last night, oops, technically it’s until this morning. So when I wake up today, it was 1pm already, LOL. XD

We will have more information on this No.1 Lottery Premium for Gode Geass soon. Don’t hold your breath tho. =P

C.C.!!!! =D

And she is supposed to be castoffable.

But don’t expect that you will see *anything after cast-off. =P

I’m not a fan of Kallen. =P

Her dress is impressive! Hard to believe that she is just a prize figure.