Banpresto is going to release the No.1 Lottery Premium No.1 Lottery Premium Code Geass in Wonderland ( 一番くじプレミアム コードギアス in Wonderland) Prize items from the anime “Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2” ( コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ R2). Will be released in late September 2011. 800 yen for each draw.

Here comes another Code Geass No.1 Lottery Premium! Sadly just like all the other No.1 Lotteries, there is no way we can get them without paying an arm and a leg. I want the Prize A C.C. and the Prize D booklet. =(

——What is No.1 Lottery?——

For those who are new to No.1 Lottery ( 一番くじ, 1 Kuji ) , it is a lottery system from Banpresto which held in different toy stores from time to time. Just like those prize items that you can win/catch in the UFO catcher machines or game machines, the No.1 Lottery is also categorized in prize item. But the main diffference is you can’t just buy the No.1 Lottery prize items off the shelf. The only way to get them is to win it in the lottery.

  • Prize D O.D.C. Premium Booket

  • Prize #: Prize D
  • Item name: O.D.C. Premium Booket ( O.D.C. プレミアムブックレット )
  • Size: A3 size

  • Prize E Trump Card Code Greass in Wonderland

  • Prize #: Prize E
  • Item name: Trump Card Code Greass in Wonderland ( トランプ 『コードギアス in Wonderland』 )
  • Size: 80mm x 60mm
  • Note: 2 kinds

  • Prize F Clear Folder 5 pieces set

  • Prize #: Prize F
  • Item name: Clear Folder 5 pieces set ( クリアファイル【5枚セット】 )
  • Size: A4 size
  • Note: 3 kinds

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