Tsume is going to release the X-tra Pain ( うずまきナルト ) 1/10 PVC figure from the manga/anime “Naruto” ( NARUTO—ナルト— ). Will be released in July 2013. Around 195mm x 130mm x 110 mm (with base) in size, €44.90 (taxed in). Only 3,000 pieces will be available.

You can order him here

Uzumaki Naruto X-tra (left), Pain X-tra (right)

Here comes the Naruto and Pain PVC figures, the second collection of PVC figures from Tsume! For those who don’t know this manufacturer “Tsume”, you can check out the review of Natsu and Gajeel figures here. Since these Naruto and Pain figures are not from Japan, you might not be able to find them from your favorite Japanese stores. But here is a good news! One of our sponsers Figmation do carry them and they’re still taking pre-order. You can order Naruto HERE and Pain HERE.

——Description from Manufacturer——

Pain is sculpted in his main body: Tendô. He is proudly standing, his arm fully stretched holding one of his Chakra Disruption Blades. His stolid face scattered with piercing shows his cold-blooded look with rinnegan is activated.

The sculpt of the Pain figure, simple yet stunning does not lack details. The Akatsuki coats has its specific clouds which are stamped to be sure the rendering will be flawless. The sculpt of the face highlights the numerous piercings and the specific look of him, Rinnegan! By alterning glossy and mate, playing with textures or colors, this figure is a high end piece of work whichi will make the most demanding amateurs.

Our biggest challenge with the X-tra by Tsume range was to create an affordable product yet keeping a very high level of sculpt.Thus, Pain’s face has been very carefully worked on so it would be accurate, very expressive and with all the very specific details he has. Generally speaking, our X-tra by Tsume figures keep a very high level of sculpt, even parts where ones might not be as cared like toes.
All our X-tra by Tsume figures have a sober and classy black base. With his very neat pose, Pain will look even greater if exposed facing Naruto!