Bell Fine is going to release the Miss Monochrome ( ミス・モノクローム ) Black Ver. 1/8 PVC figure from anime “Miss Monochrome -The Animation- 2” ( ミス・モノクローム -The Animation- 2). Will be released in September 2016. Around 190mm, 13,000 yen.

  • You can order her here:

We have three new figures from Bell Fine this week! But I’m a little bit worry about it. Bell Fine is a totally new figure manufacturer but their production time is way too short. Both Miss Monochrome figures will be released in next month and Yukine Chris will be released a month after. How can they do that? It is possible if they’re GK but no, they’re PVC figures! Now I’m really worry about their quality. I’m not recommend anyone to order them now until you see the final products in September and October. =/