Another monthly update! Believe it or not, it’s March already and the weather forecast said we’re going to have more snow this week. (-____-.;

Site Update:

  • Feedburner was bought by Google! After they moved my feed account to Google, the Nekomagic email subscribers dropped for more than 10%!!!! What the heck. I guess some email subscribers blocked the email from Google. =(
  • The Buy X Sell section
    • Still working on theBuy X Sell section. We’re working on the business license and working on the deal with the wholesalers. I was planned to launch it by the end of Febraury – mid March. But seems like we can’t make it on time.
    • For the Buy X Sell section, we’re thinking about to name it “Nekomagic Store” or “Nekomagic Shop”. Which one do you guys prefer?
    • Working on the product list. We will not be able to bring every single product to you yet. So we start with Kaiyodo’s Revoltech lines or/and Max Factory figma. Please vote.
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  • As of this moment, is ranked 116,668 (was 124,707 last month). You may notice that we had so many event news last month which were great coz they brought us a lot of new visitors and page view.
  • Right now, we have 1725 registered user (1495 last month), 290 feed subscribers (276 last month), and 170 email subscribers (148 last month). We’re growing really good for three months straight. The feed subscribers should be better if Google didn’t screw up. =/

Ok, here are the stuff that I bought in Feb. Wow I spent a lot last month! (Oo.

I want to buy this Shana for a looong time. Finally I saw her in a local store and bought her. She’s so $$$. (@@.

Magical Girl Maryan! I told you I’m getting her for sure. You can order her here

Action figure from Volks, they’re pretty nice. My impulse buying… (-_____-.

More Toro!! XD

Gift Saber! =D

Lucky Star clear cards set. They’re in A5 size.

I love her so much. I don’t know why so many ppl doesn’t like her. =/

Looks at those details!!! (OO.

Just “Wow”!

I have so many Saber figures now. I think I will make a Saber only post next time. =]

Maryan is so MOE!!! =D

*Flat XD

Look at her, she can stand on her own without the base! =D

LOL, Magical Saber!!