Komami is going to release the Kobayakawa Rinko ( 小早川 凛子 ) 1/8 PVC figure from the DS game “Love Plus” ( ラブプラス ) by Konami. Will be released in November 2010. Around 200mm tall, 6,500 yen (taxed in). Konamistyle exclusive.

Kobayakawa Rinko, Takane Manaka, Anegasaki Nene (left to right)

There are the Love Plus figures that we just saw in Wonder Festival 2010 [summer]! When I saw the poster with the girls had different hair style, I thought it was for the game. I never thought that each figure actually comes with 5 different hair style parts! Good job Konami!

Love Plus poster

But sadly, just like most of other Konami figures, they’re Konamistyle exclusive. For those who want to get your wife(wives) home, you can order them in Konamistyle ( Takane Manaka, Kobayakawa Rinko, Anegasaki Nene ) with your farovite proxy service.

Oh btw, beside selling them one by one, Konami offer a set of these 3 girls for 19,500 yen (taxed in) with bonus items. I’ll post more details about the set later.

Love Plus + CM (Kobayakawa Rinko)