Toy’s works is going to release the Solid Works Collection DX ( ソリッドワークスコレクション DX ) Little Busters! Ecstasy ( リトルバスターズ! エクスタシー) Bath Collection Vol.1 ( おふろコレクション vol.1 ) trading figure from the eroge “Little Busters!” ( リトルバスターズ! ) published by Key. Will be released in May 2009. Each around 100mm tall, 735 yen each. 5 kinds in total + 5 variation colors.

^LOL, the description is soooooooo long! XD

Guess what? These were the figures that bundled with the magazines last year! Now you don’t need to waste your $$$ to buy the magazines just to collect them all! Btw, Vol.2 is coming out in June.

I want Nooumi!!!!! \(><./

Saigusa Haruka ( 三枝 葉留佳 )

Kamikita Komari (神北 小毬)

Sasasegawa Sasami ( 笹瀬川佐々美 )

Nishizono Mio ( 西園 美魚 )

Nooumi Kudryavka ( 能美クドリャフカ )

Little Busters! Ecstacy OP

Official Little Busters! homepage

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