Volks Absolute Zone is going to release the Shiranui Mai ( 不知火舞 ) 1/4 cold cast GK from the SNK figthing game series “KOF: Maximum Impact Regulation A”. Will be on sale only in the Volks hobby event “Hobby Round” on May 23-24 2009, 32,000 yen. Kit is not painted nor assembled.

Wow, she looks great! If this one is a PVC, I bet someone ( yup, Panther, I’m talking about you =P ) is going to sell his left arm and right leg for her. Volks didn’t mention how tall she is, but I guess she’s gonna be over 400mm. She is a non painted nor assembled event exclusive GK tho. So unless you have the painting skill and a lot of money, this is not a figure for you. =(

KOF: Maximum Impact Regulation A promo

Official KOF: Maximum Impact Regulation A homepage

via アキバHOBBY