Max Factory is going to release the 1/8 AnotherBlood PVC figure for the eroge Kishinhisho Demonbane ( 機神飛翔デモンベイン ) by Nitro+ in July 2008. Around 140mm tall, 7,800 Yen.

Really want to try the game Kishinhisho Demonbane, but too bad my PC is not powerful enough. I should save money to buy a new PC since I have used my current PC for 4+ years already.

Beside Al Azif and Elsa, Another Blood is my favor character from the Demonbane series. Love her in the first sight when I played the game “Nitro Royale Heroines Duel” (Two side up + Loli is so moe!! XD ). Just like Al Azif, she is a powerful Grimoire of the Necronomicon. This figure is so nice. You will not go wrong with Max Factory. But the 7,800 Yen price tag is too much for me.

Original size pic at download section

Kishinhisho Demonbane OP

Official Demonbane website