Aizu Project is going to release the Suzune ( 鈴音 ) Red Ver. ( レッドVer. ) 1/6 cold cast GK from the ero manga “Kiseijyui Suzune” ( 寄性獣医 鈴音, the Parasite Docter Suzune) by Haruki ( 春輝 ). Will be release in December 2009, 16,800 yen. Kit is prepainted & completed.

I never read any ero manga by Haruki since I’m not into those big *eyes girls. But I do read his regular non-ero manga “殺し屋さん The hired gun“. It’s a four panels comedy manga and I like it a lot.XD

For those who are interested to read the “Kiseijyui Suzune” manga, you can check out E-Hentai Galleries here (18+).

Official Haruki ( 春輝 ) homepage (18+)

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